Dvd decrypter error =[ need help

Hey everyone… ive got a dvd burner (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109) and i have some old dvd movies that i want to back up. Mainly because im good at letting them lay around and getting scratched. But ive gone to back up one and i keep receiving this error msg around 39-43% ive tryed heeps of programs such as dvd decrypter, dvd shrink, dvd clone, alcohol 120%, nero ect… all get errors at the same point. i dont wat to do? i tryed cleaning the disc n still nothing. ive attached the error…

any help would be great thankx


It might be that it’s too badly damaged to read, try using something like Nero CD speed to check if it’s readable perhaps?

If it is an older movie, that indicates a problem with the disc. It doesn’t have to be a scratch - it could be a substrate problem. Try using a disc scratch remover polymer (they sell the kits for $10 at the local record shop) on the whole disc (or white toothpaste like Aim) and see if that helps. If not, it could be a substrate problem. If the movie plays all the way through, you may need to find a more tolerant drive.

For example, when I replace my ailing Liteon DVD-ROM, I’ll be ordering a Liteon combo drive… because the one in my wife’s machine reads right through substrate errors, whereas NONE of my other devices so.