DVD Decrypter error msgs

got these while burning captured movie.
ignored first, x’led second and disc comes out good.
just hate error messages…any ideas? :cool:

It kind of looks like another program is still trying to use the file. Did you shut down your capture software? Even though it might not be actively working with the file, it may still be technically using it.

I think I got that when I had Norton Ghost running.

do not have norton programs.
capture program turned off.
will try rebooting before doing burn.

you can disable the warning for the first error/dialog box by unchecking “lock drive - exclusive access” under ISO Write Mode in the Settings.

thanks drpino :smiley: , that was it for the first one, just did another burn and did not get the first message. maybe second one won’t appear either.

no prob…glad i could help :slight_smile:

no second message either! :bow: thanks again :bow:

Telling the program not to lock the drive is a workaround, it’s not a solution.

You should use Process Explorer from sysinternals.com to find out which other program has open ‘handles’ to the burner. (Search for ‘cdrom’ or the drive letter of your burner).

The second error should not happen. It’s saying that because it’s not finished finalising the disc, yet it initially appears it has - hence the program tries to continue with other stuff that then causes the error to come up.

LIGHTNING UK! has a point that it’s only a workaround and not a solution.

i know what else i have - a copy of roxio software suite.
until i get rid of roxio (never sending one of my dollars THEIR way again :a :frowning: :Z -(but i digress…))
can i just keep on burning like this?
what is the benefit of locking drive?
thanks again,

it might be that you have Roxio’s Direct-to-Disc or whatever their packet writing software is called and it’s always engaging the drive.

the benefit of locking the drive is so that only one app at a time has access to it…thus, limiting any software conflicts that can cause errors in your burns, lockups, etc.

uninstall Roxio completely and see if that helps (if you care to). if you bought it you can always reinstall from the discs.

at some point i will uninstall roxio(it was downloaded from net and i am afraid i may not be able to re-install given roxio’s history of non-support…), but it does not seem to misbehave and screw up my burns with DVDD so far.

if your burns aren’t screwing up, don’t fix what aint broke…right? :wink: