DVD Decrypter > DVD2One > CopytoDVD

I’m a newbie and I’ve been using these 3 programs to backup my DVDs. Ocassionally, after using DVD Decrytptor, the size of the files will allow it to fit on one DVD without using DVD2One to compress it. I’ve tried just burning the files to disc using CopytoDVD at this point and it fails with a “no media message” in my dvd player. Why does this scenario fail? I thought DVD2One was used only to compress it one disc. Thanks.

On Copy to dvd make sure you start it up then Select project Write DVD Video.

Yes, I did that and it still doesn’t work. For some reason I have to run it through DVD2one to get it to work correctly whether it needs compressing or not. Thanks.

erm are you burning just the main ifo and vobs? are you forgeting to also include the video_ts.ifo & bup?

After I run the disc through DVDDecryptor, I’m left with just .IFO and .VOB files. When I run those files through DVD2One, I get .IFO, .VOB and .BUP files including VIDEO_TS.BUP and VIDEO_TS.IFO. So I need to include these two files when I decrypt them from DVD Decryptor?

Sorry for the dumb questions

if u r copying a DVD-5, u dont need dvd2one. use dvd decrypter in iso mode. rip and write ysing iso mode. v simple.

If the disc material is small enough to fit on one dvd-5 then you need to include all the files from the disk, not just the VOBs and IFO. If you’re using DVD Decrypter in defalult mode it is just ripping the movie’s VOB set and IFO. However, there are more files that are necessary to get a functioning DVD. This may be the reason that the software is refusing to burn. It “knows” you’re about to create a coaster.

You need to rip the movie in file mode and select all files. If ALL files will fit on a DVD 5, then you are set to burn. When you use DVD2ONE with the partial rip, DVD2ONE creates the files that are necessary for a working DVD. Thus, you’ll see that DVD2ONE creates a VIDEO_TS.BUP and VIDEO_TS.IFO, even though it doesn’t actually compress anything. It “knows” you need these files to make a working DVD.