DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink



I am new to this forum… so thank you for being patient. I was wondering that if I use DVD Decrypter and then DVD Shrink with NO COMPRESSION… is there a degrade in the quality of picture since you are moving the info around? Technically the backup disc is now a 2nd generation, but is it a true 1:1 copy?


Can anyone answer this question?


Well, first off I’m wondering why you would do that. If your not going to compress the decrypted disc why use shrink at all?

By the way, DVD Shrink also decrypts DVD’s.


Does DVD Shrink decrypt all discs (Kill Bill, Matrix, LOTR, etc.)? I was told you had to use DVD Decrypter first.

So if I use DVD Decrypter and I then want to remove a few special features… I would need to use DVD Shrink (or CLoneDVD2) to remove what I don’t want on the disc and then burn… but is there a degrade in quality at that point?

Am I right in saying this… If I use DVD Decrypter and the DVD is 4.7gb or under, then I can just use Nero to burn back to a blank DVD. I would not need any other program at that point? Decypter and Nero only.


Your question is difficult to answer because I don’t understand what you are try do. First of all if you do exactly what you stated it will not be a true 1:1 copy because DVD Decrypter has at the very minimum removed the CSS (encryption) protection and maybe the region control and macrovision too. But did you really mean by “a true 1:1 copy” to retain those “features?” Probably not. There is also a question, already asked, why are you using both DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink? If you want an “almost true 1:1 copy” DVD Decrypter alone will do it, just use the ISO mode and the turn around and burn the ISO image, if there is space for the burn. This will give you an “almost true 1:1 copy.” If the image is too large to fit on the disc you are using, then it must be “shrunk” somehow to fit on the disc and something must be sacrificed. DVD Shrink is one of many tools which will help you do that. If you wish to post more information on what you are attempting, there is probably help around, in addition to the many guides.

Your second post:
“Does DVD Shrink decrypt all discs?”: I don’t know, but probably. Try it.
“Is there a degradation in quality?”: There is a degradation in quality anytime you reduce the compression or “Shrink.”
“If I use DVD Decrypter and the DVD is 4.7gb or under, then I can just use Nero to burn back to a blank DVD. I would not need any other program at that point? Decrypter and Nero only?”: I think you can use just DVD Decrypter alone, but I use both.



What I mean by a “a true 1:1 copy” using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink with NO SHRINK/COMPRESSION (4.7gb)… is there a degrade in the quality of the picture. I have a standalone home unit (Panasonic HS2) and I know when you transfer a DVD to the HD and then back to a DVD-R, that it re-encodes the DVD making the picture quality degrade a bit.
I was wondering if this holds true with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. I would think that If I use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, removing Special Features to make it fit onto a 4.7gb disc using NO Compression, then do a burn with Nero… that it is all digital to digital and no loss in picture quality. I know that when you shrink, then there is a loss in picture quality. And the same should hold true if I use DVD Decrypter (4.7 or less) and do a stright burn with Nero… that there would be no loss in quality since it is digital to digital.


Putting aside the term “a true 1:1 copy,” as it’s misleading. If you use DVD Shrink for editing purposes only, “like removing special features to make it fit,” there should be no loss in quality of the remaining features you chose to keep. This is true if you keep all the original compression, in DVD Shrink select no compression. I hope this answers your question.

I think the latest version of DVD Decrypter is and DVD Shrink is 3.17. I only mention this because you mentioned “if I use DVD Decrypter (4.7 or less).”


I have used DVD Shrink to copy Kill Bill and The Matrix 3 without needing Decrypter. By using Shrinks re-author mode you can select the features you want and remove the extra sound clips and subscripts to save space. By selecting no compression (as mentioned above) you will be retaining the original quality of the image. You can also just do a full backup of a DVD-5 using just DVD Shrink.

I’ve copied at least 150 DVD’s using just Shrink and Nero 6.

Just a bit of experienced advise also: Don’t use lables. I did and ended up having to redo a couple dozen discs. :stuck_out_tongue:


BlackWolf and RLLMoFP, thanks for the info. Yes that answers my question. Since I am using Shrink to remove unwanted stuff of a DVD to make it fit onto a DVD-5 (4.7gb) disc and No Compression… I just wanted to be sure that the was no degrade in the picture quality and it would be the same picture quality as the original. I will try just using Shrink in re-author mode instead of using DVD Decrypter first and see what happends tonight.

One last question. RLLMoFP… You are using Nero 6? I was under the impression that Nero 6 still has some bugs in it when it comes to DVD burning and it was recommnded to use an older version. Here is the quote:

“Please use version through to obtain best results. Although Nero 6.x exists, it is once again unstable, as new bugs were introduced in the new version.”



Well, I’m using Nero v6.3.1.10 Ultra Edition. I have been burning at 2x due to some dvd’s burned at 4x pausing during playback after 30-45 min.

I may still have the version 5 laying around here someplace…



What do you mean by labels? Are you refering to something that afixes to the disk or is this a software reauthoring term?



He almost certainly means a label that afixes to the disc. Many have had problems with them.