DVD Decrypter & DVD Shrink question



Using DVD Decrypter under edit, select main movie files and IFO’s
Now I have the main movie

Now what

DVD Shrink will not open it because of no Video_TS.Vob

What program or how do I get this to all work with DVD Shrink?

Basically I want to decrypt then rip only the movie then burn (not have to decrypt all the extra’s)


If the DVD-Video movie does not have newer copy protection, you can try DVD Shrink to open the DVD and re-author the movie only. You will not have the menues and the extras.

Otherwise you must have VIDEO_TS.IFO, this is the start of all DVD movies. You might use DVD Shrink to change the extras into fixed image, but this is ugly, or use programs like basic Titlesetblanker or more advanced VobBlanker to remover the extras.

You can test the ISO before burning if you mount it with Daemon tools, or burn to DVDRW to test.


Shrink needs all the files from the DVD in the full disc mode.

However, if you rip just the movie files plus it’s IFO. Load Shrink. Go straight to Reauthor and go to where you ripped the movie. The movie title will be there. Drag it across and backup.


I think this may be the problem: DVDShrink is looking for VTS_01_1.VOB. But the titleset of the main movie goes something like VTS_02_x.VOB or VTS_03_x.VOB. DVDShrink is not very smart that way. :wink:

You didn’t say what exactly you’re trying to do. If there’s no structural protection, there’s no point in doing it like that. Now, you just could rename the files to make them work with DVDShrink. Or transfer the VOBs and the VTS_xx_x.IFO to a new folder and create the VIDEO_TS.IFO in DVDFab, the trouble is, DVDFab isn’t smart either and you need a VTS_01_1.VOB or it goes stupid. That means renaming again.

So you see this doesn’t really save any time. But the way to do it without confusion over renaming would be to rip JUST the VOBs (and if you like the VTS_xx_x.IFO), and create the IFOs in IFOEdit, which doesn’t care whether or not there’s a VTS_01_1.VOB. (You’d need to check each IFO afterwards that you have your preferred audio track selected to play first). Now, I can see doing this to bypass protection and get movie only, done it myself. But first rip movie files only, forget the other IFOs.

Good luck. :wink: And if I’m all wet, hey! whaddaya want?


Sorry if I was not clear enough but this is what I meant. I would always have to decrypt the whole movie because I couldn’t figure out how to get shrink to work with only the movie files. I never keep menu’s or anything. I like to put the disc in and just let it start the movie.

Now I no how :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks everyone


Correction: My memory is at fault. :eek: You should rename in IFOEdit as well.