Dvd Decrypter & DTS

Hi, Im using DVD decrypter to rip a DVD with DTS & LPCM audio.

The original gives a choice of DTS or LPCM audio and I can choose which Audio track at the start of the DVD or with my PC choose in PowerDVD which audio track to play, there are two in the menu.

I rip using the defaults in file mode but choose the full set of files.

After ripping I check the vobs but when I play one I just get one track, the LPCM stereo version.

Trancoding the ripped file with DVD21, I can choose which track to add (DTS/LPCM) I tick just the DTS to save space but after trancoding the vobs are silent. Trying with both tracks ticked I only get LPCM after Trancoding.

I know im just trying the vobs from the harddrive in my PC and not a DTS DVD player, but I can hear the original DTS from my PC so I assume I could hear the ripped vobs if DTS was present.

The finished DVD will be played on a home DTS DVD player

anyone help?

dr p

If DVD2One nor DVD Decrytpre can find the DTS track them amybe its not there. Just a thought, check the AUDIO_TS folder, is there any files in there. If so then thats why those 2 progs cant find them.

No, the Audio_TS folder is empty, The DVD by the way is "The Eagles-Hell Freezes Over.

Although there is no DTS in the ripped vobs when playing from my harddrive but as DTS seems to show in DVD21 as an option, Is it possible I cant choose the audio track until I have burnt the DVD as the original starts up totally silent until you choose which audio track you want to listen to, only then does the audio start up.

I got to get some new DVDr at the weekend, I’ll give it a go, see what happens?

dr pepper