Dvd decrypter does not like Lucas arts

I recently tried to use dvd decrypter on the new star wars trilogy. It was a “no go”. It would get about a third of the way through and lock up. This does not happen at all to any other discs. Just the new Star Wars set. Could it be that they have put in some kind of new protection measure? Has anyone else had this problem? :confused:

Is there another decryption software out there that might work better?

I just ran mine through DVD Shrink. Give it a shot as you will need something to compress the files down anyways. www.dvdshrink.org anyways it is possible that yours are factory defective. My Girl works at a videostore and she says you would be amazed at how many defective DVDs they go through. Just because it plays fine on your player doesn’t necessarily mean the disc isn’t defective in some way. I had a version of James Bond’s The Man With The Golden Gun and it would play okay but whenever I ran it through any decryption software it would always freeze at a certain spot no matter what I did. I just assumed it was a weird copy protection that was just put on this particular disc. Well recently I decided to swap originals just to give it a shot and sure enough, the replacement ran right through shrink on the first attempt. The backup works great. :wink:

this may be an ingnorant question but does dvdshrink decrypt to? I currently decrypt with dvddecrypter and burn with dvd shrink. Am I missing something?

I burned all three Star Wars movies with clonedvd and had no problems at all.
I agree with Jesterrace that it may be defective media, however to have none of them work seems unlikely in my opinion. You didn’t mention if you tried all of them and I’m only assuming that’s the case. “Just the new Star Wars set.”

Had a defective one myself the other day, tried to copy Frankenstein (new movie not original). CloneDVD stopped and gave the redundancy message so I stopped. Cleaned the disk several times and then it took. I was uncertain if it would burn without errors so I saved the files and didn’t burn. I then tried using DVDdecrypter. Froze in the same spot and even though I instructed to ignore errors it wouldn’t budge.
Went back to the rip I did with CloneDVD and the disk turned out fine.
Go figure, I thought if Decrypter couldn’t do it it just can’t be done, I was wrong.
That’s why sometimes you need to use more than one program, to tackle those stubborn ones.

ok i’m going to assume both of your suggestions that it may be faulty media. I tried dvd shrink and it gave me a “cyclic redundancy” message. So i am assuming that is the same problem that dvddecrypt has. I am going to go secure another copy of the movie and try that. I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

Give it a try with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.

That is the old way of doing things. Do you happen to have the latest version of Shrink and Decrypter? The latest way is to run things through Shrink (it decrypts as well) and then have it automatically output to either Nero or DVD Decrypter in ISO mode. Some people claim that DVD Decrypter is the better decrypter but out of all of the movies that I have tried (that Shrink failed to read) only one of them read with DVD Decrypter and even that still had a slight glitch in it. Running it through DVD Decrypter only adds extra time and an extra step to the process. I agree though after reading everything that you probably have a faulty set of originals.

Ok ok ok. I have now attempted to backup the star wars dvd with a completely different disc from a neighbor. The same thing happened. With dvd decrypter it froze up with 16files remaining (as it has been doing with my copy of SW) I even went and loaded ANYDVD and CLONEDVD2 and it gave me the same message DVDSHRINK gives me with my copy of the movie. That message is " cyclic redundancy/ clean media and retry" so I did that and nothing different happened. This is quite bizzare as everything else I copy works and burns fine. Any experts care to try and solve this odd situation?

Has your neighbour been able to backup his copies on his equipment? Also what Region are the dvd’s?

It would appear some US copied are either faulty, or do indeed have some bad sectors on them on purpose. It’s totally hit and miss if you get a good copy or not.

Remember that not everything on the disc is played by your player. CloneDVD will only read sectors for actual content it’s copying - so it may never come across these bad ones. DVD Decrypter WILL read everything - especially in ISO mode. There are chances that IFO mode will work - but of course I’m unable to test this myself because I dont have a bad copy of these discs.

As I’ve STILL waiting for someone to send me a copy of their IFO files from a bad disc, I’m not able to look at the IFO and see if anything dodgy is going on.

well today I backed up the second movie in the set. It worked fine. I guess I will try to borrow all the disc’s I can until I find one that works.

i got that msg " cyclic redundancy/ clean media and retry" once. i had backed up about 6 dvd’s. i defraged re-booted and had no probs after. And i have backed up SWT successfully. Have you defraged lately?

i’ve backed the star war’s collection and haven’t had a problem yet with my liteon 812s. There was a disucssion on how to overcome the problems u ppl are experiencing at this site -> http://www.videohelp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=238295&highlight=star+wars+problems

hope this helps