DVD Decrypter (discontinued) What Now Please?

I have of the majority of time backed-up most of my DVDs. But i bought a new DVD yesterday, and this time ‘DVD Decrypter’ could only read the image.

But when i tried to burn it with Alcohol 120% it was a corrupt image and not recognisable in any drive.

Please can any of u advise me, on how to beat this new protection?
With what program can i copy and burn the latest protection?

If DVD Decrypter was updated, i might be ok.

By the way i tested image in image drive and it worked ok, only when i burned it, it didn’t.

Sam 8)

I will assume that you are talking about a movie.

Because DvD Decrypter is no longer updated one must use AnyDvD with it in creating the image to the HD. Anydvd with asist in removing the latest protections. If DvD Decrypter can read the image, it can burn the image. You could also consider using Imburn to burn with as well.

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If your looking for a free program dvd fab free. I do not use that I use the combo of anydvd and clonedvd from www.slysoft.com. Its a 21 day trial and if you want to purchase you get a $10 off until july 31 using promo code birthday.

Platiumsword & scotton thank u for this valued essential imformation. i will give those programs a try.

Sam 8)

There is also a new free program that works with DVDDecrypter to bypass the newer protections. Its called “RipIt4Me”. Read more here: http://www.ripit4me.org/

Just use RipIt4Me with DVD Decrypter (as well as FixVTS) for a free solution. It has also been proven to provide a better rip than AnyDVD and DVDFAB Decrypter. It makes the cleanest IFO’s.


RipIt4Me is the way to go. Also DVD FabDecrypter is a usefull alternative, and still free.