DVD Decrypter- Device Buffer Question

I notice that when I burn DVD ISOs, sometimes my Device buffer (DVD-R Burner) would drop to 0% for a split second and then go back up to 96%. I also notice that my burner indicator light also blinks for a split second. The DVD-R i burned seem to be all right. I also had DVD Decrypter verify the disc after it burned the ISO and came up with no problems. I’m just afraid that the buffer dropping to 0% for a split second and my burner indicator light going out for a split second might mean there is something wrong with the burn. Or is there a reason why the buffer sometimes goes to 0% for a split second? Thanks for any help.

OS: Win XP
Burner: NEC 3540a

Probably when the drive is switching burning speeds (e.g. from 4x to 6x or from 6x to 8x). Nothing to worry about if that’s the case.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they brought back 8 meg buffers :iagree:

Oh, but the ISOs I am burning are burned at 2x, which happens to be the slowest speed for the NEC 3540a. Would there be any speed switching in this case? Thanks again.

This is normal for this drive.
It’s the Automatic Optimal Power Control.
The burn is briefly interrupted to recalibrate the laser power on the fly, based on feedback from the media.