Dvd decrypter & clonedvd

i used dvd drcrypter to decrypt a movie and it made 2 files VTS_01_0.vob and VTS_01_0.ifo and when i use clone dvd it doesnt work
how do i fix it

CloneDVD needs all the IFO files…read Olli’s posts for more info

thanx but is there any program that can copy a dvd using only these 2 files?

adjust your Dvd-Decrypter settings:
FileMode tab= File Splitting: NONE
IfoMode tab= File Splitting: NONE
IsoMode tab= File Spitting: NONE

now rip the movie again in either File Mode(all files) or ISO format

Using a NTFS system(xp,2k) ofcource :wink:

anyways check ur dvd-decrypter settings ok:)
Version image,works on all programs(D2O,DvdShrink,Clonedvd…)

Yep–and those are the defaults, I believe. The only default setting in I change is the buffer-size.
While on the topic, experience (of others) with D2O has led me to stay with–does anyone know if newer DVDD versions have ‘issues’ with Clone (or other transcoders)?