DVD Decrypter -> Brute Force for CSS - Can't Make My Region 3 DVD Region Free

I’ve got drive locked to Region 1. I don’t care to play my Region 3 DVD on my PC. Just want to burn a region free disk so I can play it on my standalone DVD player. My understanding is that DVD Decrypter does this already so you don’t have to flash your drive, but it still doesn’t work. I noticed the CSS setting default is “I/O Key Exchange -> Brute Force”. I set it to just “Brute Force” and ended up making another coaster. Am I doing something wrong here?

Some more background: The Region 3 DVDs are Friends box sets I bought off of eBay that are already DVD-5 sized. I want to burn DVDs I can watch on my Region 1 standalone DVD player. Any tips? TIA.

What DVD-ROM drive do you have?

as the friends dvds are dvd5 try using dvd decryptor to read and write in iso mode,making sure that all settings are set to default.
this should give you a macrovision and region free dvdr.worked for me when backing up region 1 s1 of friends to region 2.
alternatively try using dvdshrink-will decrypt,remove macrovision &
make a region free dvd .

Turns out I don’t need to make my DVD drive region free. I finally copied a region 3 DVD without making my region 1 DVD drive region-free. DVDDecrypter did what it was suppose to do. I was just pulling my hair out for nothing because the first region 3 DVD that I tried just wasn’t working. The next subsequent region 3 DVDs that I tried worked! Anyone know where to go to get specific resolutions for difficult DVDs to backup? I think I saw a forum somewhere, but if you could point me in the right direction again, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.