DVD Decrypter - AnyDVD Setup Program

[b]Here[/b] is a small application that will setup DVD Decrypter’s preferences to work with AnyDVD. Before running this program, reset DVD Decrypter’s setting to default by clicking tools>settings>default>ok

You can also make a movie only backup of SAW3 using DVDD/AD together. It’s very simple.

  1. Make sure AD is running in background
  2. Put dvd in tray and leave door open
  3. Open DVDD and select mode>ifo
  4. Click the “L” next to “E” under your dvd source drive.
  5. Next click the big DVD icon and DVDD/AD will rip the movie only to your selected folder
  6. After rip rename vobs from VTS_08 to VTS_01
  7. Run a full disk clean up on vobs with FixVTS 1603
  8. Open IFOEdit and and select create IFOs

That’s it, it will take a few minutes for IFOEdit to create the IFOs. When IFoEdit has finished, drag and drop the new IFOs into your VIDEO_TS folder with the movie vobs. If you are burning to a DVD5, then use DVD Shrink or whatever transcoder or encoder to shrink your files to fit.

Looks like website has a error. You can download it also from here.

It seems to me I have seen this installer before. :wink: Until the origin of this download can be detected I would use caution. This is just my advice, make your own decisions.:iagree:

This is posted by various other users to on various sections of this board. Might want to look into this alan. Maybe not to the “T” but close.

Maybe you could post some screenshots of the installation for us? Since the website has an error maybe you could tell us just what Website this came from?

Yes as when I click it…it shows this:
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That link works for me.

Yes the link works, but do you know where you downloaded it from? The OP said the Website was down. I always like to know the source of my downloads.:doh:

So this link eminates from " The Doghouse Forum ", or so it seems.:doh: Thanks Dr. Who.:clap:

No problem Alan. For this board I’d always be willing to help out when needed or if I can.

There is no need to use some unknown questionable special “Setup Tool” to properly configure DVD Decypter to work in conjunction with AnyDVD.

It is very easy to safely set up DVD Decrypter to work in conjunction with AnyDVD. The below CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum posting explains how to do it. Note posting comments #5 and & #8. ->


All it takes is to open the DVD Decrypter software programs and click on two boxes. What could be simpler than instead of using some unknown questionable special “Setup Tool”?

If Forum Members closely review the above referenced CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum postings I have provided you will see that Olli who is a known and trusted CD Freaks Forum Member posted this information.


I think we all agree with you Belooken.:clap:

I see no need to download anything other than DVD Decrypter and the latest version of AnyDVD.
Per Ollie
1.) Use ElbyCDIO as the I/O model.
2.) Disable the structural protection removal in DVDDecrypter.

DVDDecrypter will see the disc as unprotected and will continue to work… forever.

Another quote from Ollie
Setting Elby I/O in Decrypter will make sure, that AnyDVD is used. You can use SPTI as well, but you should avoid ASPI. ElbyCDIO is good, stable, runs on non Administrative accounts and is written by me.
Disabling the “structural protection removal” in Decrypter will make sure, that Decrypter won’t touch the magic AnyDVD has already done.

Yup. I agree Vega830. A lot of people would ask why bother with DVD Decrypter if you have AnyDVD, but, DVD Decrypter still has some VERY useful features. I use stream processing, for instance, to rip certain things from discs that’d be a pain to do otherwise. If you configure it correctly they work very well together.

I would not make an issue of this, I do not think anybody is interested in such a setup as you say these two programs work perfectly together as is.:iagree:

so sad that Lightning UK! can’t update this wonderfull freeware…

That’s old.