DVD Decrypter and the Layer Break



First, great forum.
Ok, my question is:

Using DVD Decrypter to decrypt in File Mode a DVD9 movie (not ISO mode),
the program preserve the original Layer Break?.

And if i burn the decrypted VIDEO_TS with NERO, the layer break will be modified by NERO?.

What other programs are Ok for DVD9:

DVDFAB, CLONEDVD2, any other suggestion…

Note: ImgBurn give me write errors with Verbatim DL

Thanks for any opinion.


The original layer break is only preserved when you rip into an ISO file, by the .mds file. Nero will create its own layer break.

If you get write errors in ImgBurn, it’s likely that other programs also will give you problems. Can you post the failed burn log from ImgBurn?

Main Menu -> Help -> ImgBurn Logs