DVD Decrypter and The Fog

Hi, I’ve been using DVD decrypter + CloneDVD 2 forever. But since 3 weeks, there is about one movie a week I can’t backup; The Fog, Legend Of Zorro and The Cave. They all gave me the same error: Cyclic redoduncy (something like that). In the dvd decrypter log, I get a “Faile dto read sector x - unknow (crc or ecc error)”. In the log it appear when the error is done, I get an explanation of “check disk for scratches”. The problem is all of those movie are brand new, not even played once. I tried with many copie of the same movie and no luck.

Any body have a clue on why it doesn’t work? Is it dvd decrypter that is getting to old?


Dvdecrypter is not updated and for newer protections like on the fog etc. you’ll need anydvd or dvdfabdecrypter, and a crc error that’s right it depends on the disc and drive condition.

AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 will work with no issue.