DVD Decrypter and scratched discs

I obtained a disc a friend did not really take of. Nothing seems to work with this disc,including the obligatory paper towel,
barely damp sponge,et al. It seems his cat played with it more that his DVD player did. But when using Decrypter on the disc,it gets up to 20%,and stalls.I tried SmartRipper,no good.DVDshrink,no good. Any suggestions besides the obvious’throw the s**t in the garbage’ reply??

Would this help?



After clicking on that link a number of times ,I finally saw what you intended. thanks for the tip,but i have a video capture card ,that will give me a clear picture,and stereo sound ,but no chapters,and worse of all,no 5.1 sound.
Thanks for your suggestion… :bow:

I have had some luck using a product called CD Scratch Repair that I found at a local store (Wherehouse) that helped me fix two DVD’s which were unusable. It is basically a very fine grade polish and it takes some time to buff out the scratches. I am sure it will not work if the scratches are really deep but…it might be worth a try. It cost $7.99. By the way, I use alcohol and a 3M cleaning cloth to remove left over polish / finger prints etc. Good luck.

I use car wax on scratched dvd’s and cd’s. Fixed up many rented DVD’s this way and made them playable in my set-top player.


Your response puzzled me for a moment, so I tried the link myself.
I think you may have landed on the wrong thing! I was pointing you at a product called ‘PressIt CD/DVD Repair Kit’, which you will find on the Lynx site… :o


Yeah,Pete ,that site uses Flash (i think),and each time you click on it,iyou see a different item…

i copied a version of xman that was scratched and the stand alone wouldnt read it. I went decrypter/dvd2one “movie only” feature.

worked like a charm. guess maybe mine wasnt as damaged as yours. I have used the dvd/cd repair station and it has fixed about 8 of 10 disks that i have thrown at it. the other 2 i scratched myself to test. It seems that they work pretty good