Dvd Decrypter And Regioin2 Dvd's

There is an old TV show (twin peaks) available on ebay , all episodes are only available in region 2 .I live in the USA and want to rip and decrypt and burn for viewing on region 1 DVD player .Can it be done ?? and if so How??? before I buy the DVD’s… thanks …

Yes it can be done. There are many programs that can take out region and make region free. Two programs that are free and can do that are dvd decypter and dvd shrink 3. These work if you have a dvd burner and can reburn them.

If you dont have a burner there are programs that will hide the region. DVD43 is one if you have software on pc that has pcouffin drivers and it is free. Also anydvd by slysoft is software you can buy that will hide region and allow you to play them.

those are just some of the software but they can do it .


Hey morbius ,

Sure , it’s no problem at all.

Software Tools

You can use AnyDVD or DVD Region Free to decrypt the contents.

Hardware Tweaks

DVDGenie is used to tweak your Micrsoft operating system and dvd playback software. This will not make your dvd player region free though. For this you could try and find a hacked firmware.

Software Tools Part 2

Either you are using DVD Region free and/or a region free player by now. Now you need to rip and decrypt the contents to your harddisk if you want to backup the dvd’s.

If you use AnyDVD , you will not be required to rip it , because programs such as CloneDVD or DVD Shrink can work perfectly with that.

If you don’t use AnyDVD and have a Region Free (RPC1) dvd player , you can use DvdShrink (comes with built in decryption) or SmartRipper.

To get more information , i would recommend looking at this part of our forum.

Good luck.

GREAT I wasnt sure will give it a go