DVD Decrypter and NEC

Hi I have got some dvds i need to backup but havent got any disks at the minute. In DVD Decrypter can you get it to compress the image it does of the dvd? Its just for storage but i need the encoded/compreesed version on my HD. Also how can i speed up the ripping pace a friend of mine says it takes him about 15 minutes to rip a full movie it takes about 40 mins on mine and goes to about 4x his goes to 10x near the end.

You can’t use DVD Decrypter to compress the movie files. You’ll need DVD Shrink or
DVD2One to do that.

Make sure you have your DVD burner set to DMA and not PIO.

ok but can i use them programs to store the compressed version on my hd to burn at a later date?

If you use DVDShrink to rip and transcode, it will be store on your HD compressed. I personnally set shrink to save it as an ISO image to be burned later. You will need to be using NTFS as you file system to use this meathod as FAT32 can’t handle files > 1gig.

Is there anyway of spedding it up because it takes about an hour just to rip and compress a disk where on a friends computer its only about 20 minutes. DMA on my drive is turned on. It also only transfers at 2000kb per second. What could be the problem.

Slow hard drive? Hard drive is badly fragmented? CPU/memory is slower than other computer?

heres my specs
256mb ram
80gig 8mb cache IDE 7200rpm harddrive

Could be ram too. Heard it works best at 512MB. Turn off deep analysis, worse quality, but faster.

Are you using the stock firmware? IIRC, stock NEC firmware is “rip-locked” meaning it will not rip data from the disk faster than 2X.

If you use one of the great “hacked” firmwares provided by Herrie, you can have the “rip-lock” removed and can rip faster. (Not to mention enabling bit-setting and dual-layer support.) It should be easily found in this forum.


I am using herries great firmware.

What program are you using and what is your friend using. Kind of confusing because you mentioned DVD Decrypter and then said that it takes your friend 20 minutes to “rip and compress” and you 40 minutes to do the same. Since DVD Decrypter doesn’t compress, I’m assuming you’re using one of the other programs mentioned. On my PC it takes about 40 minutes to rip and compress with DVD Shrink, and maybe half or a third of that time to just rip (XP2400, 512 megs ram). The limiting factor to doing the rip and compress is you’re CPU speed, not the how fast the DVD writer or DVD rom can rip.

Yeah it will be the speed of his comp then hes got his comp running at 3600 and 1gig of ram