Dvd decrypter and instant dvd

My plan is to use dvd decrypter to create a file on my HDD and burn with instant DVD. The Decryption and creation of file goes like a dream. However when trying to burn from the Hard drive onto a 4.7 Gb dvdR (using the Automatic settings, and the green line shows 4.31 Gb.I keep getting the message along the lines of 4.50 Gb required only 4.38 available. even if i move the slider I cant get passed this point. Have I missed some thing can someone please help me or pint me in the “write” direction (pardon the pun). In anticipation


I am not familar with instant dvd I use shrink with decryptor they work well together and it is freeware find it HERE

Guides and Waltkrough (with pics)

use DVD shrink. it works great and its free


I use anyDVD and a $10 version of interVideo (got it off eBay)-

PERFECT movie backups when using GOOD media (Tayio Yuden)-

Will put up to 9.5 gigs on one DVD-in about 35 minutes with 8x media

Happy Burnin’


Thanx for all who replied but I,ve sorted the problem. it was all to do with space on my harddrive and not my DVD-R

Thanx unofire