DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink - FAT32 Issue running ME

Hi guys and gals,
I spent 14 hours yeaterday trying to get my burner going…
I have the following:
DVD Shrink - Newest release
DVD Decrypter - Newest Release.

Problem is I run ME…Damned FAT32

Can someone post me a link to a walkthrough using the above programs in conjunction with FAT32(ME)…I have a single drive so I have to go to the HD then burn…

Sounds like I’m calling myself a fat a$$…I’m a little punchy…benn on the cptr too long.


Thanks a million.
The Foundation

LMAO you must of been in a cave for too long man !!! wtf windows ME LMAO!! lol no offense here man but you need to get out more often. I have been using windows XP since the whistler beta back in november 2000!!! and then install most of the betas and till the final and sp1 and sp2 rc2 now… GET with it get on xp… you will have the 2 gig file limit in fat32 so nothing you can… OFF windows me now !!! i mean it! lol

In DVDShrink “Edit/Preferences/Output Files” there is an option to split the vobs into 1 gig size this will solve your problems, unsure over Decrypter as I’ve always used DVDShrink.

So does shrink also decrypt?
What I am wondering is: Do I have to decode then shrink or can I just use shrink.
I successfully did one last night and only used shrink.

I’m trying to do a larger one now. 7.3G

I understand in order to use shrink with windows ME I need to get the fininshed product under 4G…I think…

I appreciate your humor above dude…But I am tired as a MO Fo right now…if I wasn’t so tired I’d probably be laughing my ass off…

There are a ton of guides but I haven’t found one yet that specifically targets the FAT32(Foundation) system…

I ordered XP and it’ll be here Tue or Wed…but in the meantime…help a brother out…
I also know that when I upgrade to XP I need to convert FAT…

I received more education on this shit in the last 2 days…I’m gonna open a business teaching!! kidding…

Thanks again for your help!

The question is: do I ren Decrypter first and then shrink or will shrink work bye itself?

After shrink…It was so late last night I forgot what I used to burn…

CHRIST…I’m going to need a shrink!!!

No Shrink does it all for you so theres no need for decrypter but its handy to keep hold of because it sometimes will read discs that shrink won’t due to errors or scratches but I’ve always used shrink and its been flawless.
So all you really need to do is copy / re-author with shrink and burn with whatever you use to burn.

Bless you John Boy!!!