Dvd decrypter - an error code




I am having a problem making a copy of a dvd using dvd decrypter. Can anyone help? I am new to this and will post the errors if someone can help me. They are ASPI (whatever that is) related I think.

Thanks, Arthur


download this file to dvd decrypter’s folder and the problem should go away



I have the latest wnaspi32.dll files that came with the installation disc for my Plextor - a version in the 7’s.

Do I still need to install this into the folder?

Funny thing, I decided to try cleaning the dvd with some windex when I ran out of ideas and was waiting for the board to get to my topic. After that it worked fine. Very strange. As a newbie to all of this I am still learning - it is all a bit overwhelming how technical it all is.

I now need to find a good burning program that is free as my Plextor only came with Roxio which needs XP and I am still on win98se.

Thanks Phil!

Cheers, Arthur


Use dvd shrink,it will copy protected dvds,shrink them to a single disk size and has a good burning engine,and best of all its free.



I am looking for something that doesn’t compress the files, I have a dual layer burner so size of the file isn’t realy a problem and I would therefore like to avoid compression.

Any others that don’t compress and burn well?

Thanks, Arthur


DVD Shrink can output files with no compression as well. Useful for removing unwanted menus, audio streams, subtitles etc. It might be easisest to rip to an iso in DVD Decrypter and then you can burn it back in DVD Decrypter as well. Be sure to go into options->iso read mode-> and tick the boxes to remove P-UO’S. That way you can skip the boring previews at the beggining.