DVD Decrypter released

I just posted the article DVD Decrypter released.

 jellybelly,  Pikachu-Pr and LIGHTNING UK!, the  author of DVD Decrypter, all used our news submit to tell us that DVD Decrypter, the popular and free software  to create DVD movie and game...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9687-DVD-Decrypter-3_5_2_0-released.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9687-DVD-Decrypter-3_5_2_0-released.html)

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Does this version add a way to fix the new Sony ARccOS protection?

This program rocks your dvd ripping world! The MPAA must hate this with a passion!

It lets you rip these discs to your hdd, yes.

All my DVD’s go through decrypter, just to get rid of the damn previews if nothing else!

A real software gem.

Love this app.

Thank you for such awesome app! ^.^

This is great software…and it’s free!!! Thank you jellybelly, Pikachu-Pr and LIGHTNING UK!:slight_smile:

Lightning UK!, What happened to the cdrwarez forum? I miss that!

DVD Decrypter is the best. Why use anything else? :X

Sometimes the simplest apps (in appearance, not functionality) are the best. This is a prime example.

Extremely useful app for all of my DVD backup needs. I pretty much use DVDDecrypter exclusively to enjoy my fair use of my DVD collection.:S

What has always impressed me about DVD Decrypter is the highly intuitive user interface considering the complexity of what needs to be done. Good GUI design turns me on. Freeware more so. There’s a PayPal link, people :g