DVD Decrypter out now

DVD Decrypter is released on 14/03/2004

  • Added: Verify option for ISO Write mode (DVDs only)

  • Added: ISO Write mode now displays the media’s supported write speed in the log

  • Added: Additional debug information during initial program startup - when debug mode is enabled

  • Added: Dialog box with ‘Yes to all’ and ‘No to all’ when decryption is detected in a file on a supposedly non protected disc

  • Changed: Techniques used to determine the correct write parameters to use in ISO Write mode

  • Changed: ‘Failed to decrypt disc key’ no longer stops the program in its tracks

  • Changed: General improvements to CSS cracking techniques

  • Changed: ‘semaphore timed out’ errors now display the actual timeout value

  • Changed: Brute Force cracking failures no longer display an error dialog box if they’re a result of the ‘Detect Mastering Errors’ option being enabled

  • Fixed: Setting the write speed to 2.4x (or 2,4x !) on systems that don’t use a ‘.’ for their decimal point

  • Fixed: ‘Failed to Set Write Parameters’ on Matshita drives

  • Fixed: Hang up on ‘Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices’ when people have a certain Samsung CDROM drive in their machine

  • Fixed: Incorrect naming of AC3 files demuxed in File mode

  • Fixed: Big bug in ISO Read mode where files following 0 bytes files weren’t decrypted

  • Fixed: Brute Force cracking on unauthenticated discs could fail silently

  • Fixed: Authentication on some discs would just repeat over and over again during reading without any error

  • Fixed: Polling for completion of certain I/O at the end of a burn in ISO Write mode would fail on certain drives

  • Fixed: I/O Errors using SPTI where the actual API call failed would often mean sense area information wasn’t displayed in the dialog box

  • Removed: The option to ‘Force CSS Present’ - This has been made obsolete by recent improvements

Thanks for the update.