DVD Decrypter available



I just posted the article DVD Decrypter available….

And AGAIN a new version of this DVD decrypter. New versions of this program are released almost every two days!


‘Merge VOB Files’ added to Settings.

‘Maximum File Size’ added…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2606-DVD-Decrypter-3_0_0_8-available___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2606-DVD-Decrypter-3_0_0_8-available___.html)

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This is what I like from a software product. Regular releases as soon as something has been fixed or improved. Why do I like the frequent releases? aren’t they a pain to always have to update?? NO! The developer releases the new version as soon as it’s done so that IF you want to take advantage of the latest upgrades you can. U dont have to sit around for months with little bugs until a BIG release is released. This way you have the option to update as soon as you want. It also helps make the product more stable constantly as the developer is constantly getting feedback on bugs etc. Nice job mate!!


Totally agree. If you don’t wanna update it, you just wait until you do so :slight_smile:


I totally agree…but then being the author, I would! :wink: I posted this news item last Thursday…why wasnt it put up then I wonder!!! Anyway, I done enough work on DVD Decrypter for a while…time to go out and have fun instead! If you have any problems with the program - crashes etc, please let me know via my forum on flexion.org. Thanks.


i like it but it doesn,t work with vista