I Have Recently Added A 2nd Hard Drive To My Computer… For The Reason Of Backing Up Dvd’s And Hopefully Xbox Games. I Have Dvd Decrypter On That Drive And I Decrypt The Movies Also To This Drive. Well… It Sucks I Have Been Decrypting And Burning A Movie In 1 Hour Or Less (nero Recode 2) How Ever Now The Decrypter Runs So Very Sloooooow!!! The 2 Hd Are Set Up Master/slave Bit The Slave Only Has On Partition On It (nfts)

Master Hd: Seagate 120gb Model#st3120026a (nfts)
Slave Hd: Maxtor 40gb Model#d540c-4k (nfts)
Master Burner: Magic Spin Dvdrw 16x Model#dvdrw1016ui
*this Was External Converted To Internal
Slave Burner: Nec Dvd R/rw & Cd R/rw Model# Nd2500a
Computer: Hp Pavilion 8565c
Os: Windows Xp W/ Embeded Sp2

Any Help Would Be Great!!!
Oh Also Just Got A New Decrypter Ripit4me
Sorry About The Uppercase…i Always Use It… I’ll Remember Next Go Around



I guess the first thing you’d better do is check the DMA status of all your devices , both HDD & burners.

Regular HDD defragging is essential btw.


I Did That… The Primary & Secondary Ide Says “dma If Available” In The Transfer Mode Area… However All Four Say “ultra Dma Mode 2” For The Current Transfer Mode. I Understand That The Higher The Trans Mode Is The Faster It Runs…how Do You Change That And Is It A Problem That All Four Are At The Same Setttings


It could be that you’ve got old style 40wire cables. On the HDDs this would restrict the DMA mode to 2 & 1/3 of their ultimate performance - not good.

Check out this pic. On the left is an 80wire & the right 1 40wire. It’s essential for HDDs to have 80wire cables & a good idea for burners also.


Just A Thought… Would The Maxtor (f:) Work Better If It Was Partitioned
In To 2 Areas…one For The Decrypter One For The Movies Waiting To Be Burned


Incredible!!! I Am Signing Off Right Now To Dive In To The Mists Of The Tower Haha I Never Knew That Their Was Different Cables… I Have Learned What I Know By Reading Books And Trial And Error… This Was The First Tower I Have Put Together… That Was 2 Years Ago And 4 Computers And Many Many Friends Coming To The House With Laptops And Desktops Pleading With Me To Fix Them Haha Have Had Lots Of Trial And Errors… But Today Instead Of Reading These Threads I Joined It… Thanks.
Talk To You Soon


Ok Tim… I Put The New Cables On The Hard Drives The Dma Mode Is 4 On Both
On The Dvd R/rw Not The Same Result…the Master Has A Dma Mode Of 4 But The Slave (nd 2500a) Is Still On 2…how Do I Change That One…and That Cable Is Brand New Out The Package Too


Also, pre-built PC’s like dell, HP & other tend to skimp on chips, so it’s possible that the mobo doesn’t support the faster speeds like UDMA5/6 (thats 100/133MB/s).

The seagate 120GB should support UDMA5 (100MB/s) instead of UDMA4 (66MB/s).

The other thing to note is also that many DVD’s are now coming out with copy-protections, and the computer has to get around these, as well as decrypt the actual movie.

It is common for these to take upto 1hr to decrypt & rip the DVD to the HD.
Worse, since most DVD’s these days are larger than 4.5GB (usually 7-9GB’s), the video has to be compressed to squeeze it onto a single layer disk. This can also take a long time.


The ND2500 will only ever be mode 2 so that’s fine.

It seems that your HDDs or motherboard are restricted to mode 4 so you’ve probably got the best that you’re going to get.

I do wish you stop capitalising ever word , it makes it so much harder to read & surely must be slower to type.