DVD Decrypter 16:9 Problem

After filming on my Sony camera in the 16:9 and 4:3 mode I have burned the complete video onto a DVD using my Philips stand alone recorder. I want to edit the film on my computer but when ripping using DVD decrypter the 16:9 film is converted to 4:3. How do I keep it 16:9? I’m editing using M-Peg Wizard and burning using Ulead Workshop 2. On the finished video there will be both 4:3 and 16:9, will this cause me any problems? :confused:

Why are you using DVDDecrypter to rip? As this is not a commercial DVD all you need to do is place the DVD in your drive and ‘copy and paste’ the files onto your hardrive. DVDDecrypter should not touch the aspect ratio of the video anyway - it is used to remove CCS and other copy protections.

yeah, you must be authoring the video in 4:3 instead of 16:9.

I copied the file onto my hard drive (My Videos) and when I used Ulead Workshop 2 I had the same problem.
I have two titles, the first shot in 4:3 the second 16:9.
After burning, the 16:9 is still stretched, where am I going wrong?
If something is filmed in 16:9 shouldn’t a programme such as workshop 2 detect this and default the burn to 16:9?
Incidently I used a DVD+RW so I can erase and try again.
When I have the right result then I will copy onto DVD+R.

This is where my knowledge runs out totally - I have never used Workshop 2. You might be worth while posting again under a different topic as you now know that it is not a DVDDecrypter problem.


Try posting in here - you may get a better response. Hope you get it sorted out!!

i’ve never used Ulead myself either, but i’m sure it must support 16:9. try reading the included help file.