DVD DECRYPTER___ Burning BIN file 937MB in size - blank CDR only holds 800-825MB!



OK, I have this huge extracted BIN file that is over 900 mb in size.

Nero wouldn’t let me burn it to my “to small” CD-R’s, and when I tried burning the BIN to a “dvd-r” I got a media mismatch type error - - ie. Nero wanted me to use a CD-R not a DVD-R

OK, so now I’m using DVD-Decrypter. Burning the BIN image to a DVD-RW, and although it just burnt it for me, it was not happy about it. (like do you really want to burn this to DVD?) YES. — o.k. here we go! Butn now as I insert the disk, nothing is showing up in the directory – and when I try to “autorun” it by inserting it into the dvd drive, it won’t spin up any programs.

OK - where am I going wrong here? Is this a simple thing, and I’m just not looking in the right spot?

The largest capacity CD media I’ve seen is abou 825mb - and that’s stretching it with your special cd/rw burner drive -

Any thoughts or helps would be appreciated - -

I have most of the burning programs - but am only familiar with Nero (and I just tried burning with DVD decrypter for only the 3rd time in my life) I have alcohol120, RecordNOW deluxe 6.5 and roxio easy 7 (but I un-installed it after having problems with the evil packet writing issues.)

Thank you for your kind suggestions,
Thank you and sincerely,


Will I be able to “restore” a working BIN after pull off some of the goodies? – and what happens during install if it can’t find something I’ve removed?

Not sure this is going to work – -- as I examine the bin with ISObuster there are several AVI and MOV files embedded in this BIN but not sure if I should try and remove them…

any thoughts?



Well,if you can see all files in isobuster,just extractem all to hd..and there you go-do withem what you want…burn,join`em,edit…etc…