DVD Decrpyter/DVD Shrink- combining two movies into one DVD disc


I would like to know how can I burn two main movies from two different disc onto one Single Layer DVD-R by using either one of those program mentioned above.

I guessed this is what I want to do. By using DVD Shrink, viewing the DVD files. I want to choose the main movie and save it in ISO file then choose another main movie with the same method. Want to combine those two ISO files as one ISO file and burn it both onto one DVD-r single layer disc. I practically referring the chinese drama dvd’s. They come in chapters and each chapter is 45mins long. Is there a way to do this? Many help would be appreciated.

Using dvd shrink simply select Reauthor mode. From here select the all movies you want and then press “backup” button. In this way shrink will create an output file containing all movies you included in reauthor mode.

I tried that and it won’t work. can this be done in two different disc?? I output file does it give out in DVD shrink?

Never tried this with DVDShrink, but I have been able to put two movies on one disc with Nerovision Express or Nero Digital as it is called now.

Saving first both movies in ISO format is unnecessary. To merge two movies on the same dvd follow this procedure. Remember: in this way you don’t keep any menu, but only movies.

  1. Open the first movie with dvd shrink

  2. Press “Reauthor” button

  3. Select all items from first movie that you want keep and drag to left panel (don’t select menus: they will be lost at all in reauthor mode)

  4. From “DVD browser” tab select the second movie

  5. Select all items you want to keep from the second movie and drag them on left panel under previous selected items (again, no menus)

  6. Press “Backup” button

  7. Select output format (ISO or HD folder)

  8. That’s all.


does this method works with two different Discs? I want to pull the movie from one Disc and another movie from anthoer disc then burn it onto one Disc?

I thought the DVD shrink reauthor the movie I choose and create a file. form there I can only burn that one movie onto the Disc. Can this method work for tow different Movies onto one disc.

Yes. You can choose titles from different discs. If you have 2 separate dvd readers you can reauthor directly from discs, otherwise you must rip discs to HD.

Thanks Geno. It works. One thing I hate was that I need to rip both Titles from the Original disc to my HD as IFO mode in DVD Decrpyter before I can browse the Titles in DVD browser. This took a total about 30-35mins of process. (assuming my rippin speed was slow. running at only 4.0x max…still working on improving this in another thread.)

After rippin it I can browser my HD for those Titles and select those movies and burn it on a single layer DVD-R. This also works for TV series…like combining three to four episodes in one without the menus and extras.

Hope this help out the others who are reading this Thread. Thanks to Geno for the guidance.

You’re welcome