Dvd decrpter errors

I have been using dvd fab decrypter for a long time. It worked with no flaws up to just recently, when i try to copy a movie i get an error. It says like failed to copy file, then it lets me retry, or ignore. i have tested and this problem occurs with about 5 other dvds. I tried dvd platinum, dvdfab decrpter, dvd decrypter, and anydvd. I just keep on getting an error.
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sounds like you may have a change in settings on your computer. Windows can revert settings for one of many reasons. I would start by checking DMA setting and for programs running in the back ground.


How would i check my DMA settings? recently i got my computer fixed, not reformatted, just installed a new ram and removed a few viruses. Since then i could not decrypt a movie.

Hi Nats86,

For a quick check, just click on the link below “How to check DMA”.

Take a look at this thread , in particular, my responses in posts #2 (and #7, if needed). Hopefully, this will do it for you. Any further issues, just post back.

Hope this helps.

So, i have one dvd drive. i just uninstall it, then reboot, then what? Install it how?
Unlike nostawydoc im not very advanced with computers.


Does your current tranfer mode say Dma if available in your ide properties?

Better go through that process again on how to check DMA.

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Did you do this?

yeah, i did it all

but it still doesnt work. i checked DMA and everything.

I recently took my pc to get fixed, and since then trying to copy dvds has not worked. I think the guy who fixed it maybe did something.

Just a thought, but it could be that he accidently loosened the IDE connection to the DVD drive. Worth checking out.

Yeah, I was thinking along the same line…who knows what “the guy” did.
As MBK suggests, check your connections. I would also re-seat your RAM and take a good look at what he stuck in your machine. You may want to do a mem check.

Also, when you said,

…not sure what you mean…are you saying you completely uninstalled your optical drives off device manager and reinstalled?

ok, ill do that. he upgraded my ram too.

i checked the connections and tightened a little. I tried to decrypt a different movie this time and i was successful! Maybe scratches and how clean a disc is affects if i can decrypt a movie.

thanks for everyones help!!

Ill post back if i have anymore problems.