Dvd data recovery help! (Samsung SH-S202G / TS-H652G)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S202G / TS-H652G. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi guys.

im having problems playing my data dvd discs. Before, i used “melody” DVD+R discs with the media code of MCC 004. i burned them using IMGBURN at 4x speed. the discs have no scratches because i stored them on a cd jacket and left it in a cool dry place. about 2 months ago i burned a large number of movie files on that type of media. Now, palying those movies on the dvds is a problem. you see, i can see the contents of the dvd via the windows explorer window but i cant play the file, all i get is a lagging computer. i tried using ISOBUSTER, i tried copying it to my HD but still did nothing.

i was hoping if you guys knew of an app that could extract those files in good condition?

any help will be greatly appreciated :bigsmile:


mikhail85 wrote,

“i can see the contents of the dvd via the windows explorer window but i cant play the file.”

Just curious but, have you tried to drag and drop contents to HDD?
What SW player are you using?try VLC or MPClassic…
Are contents in a VIDEO_TS folder with VOB’s,BUP’s,IFO’s ?
Try with DVDDecrypter, I’ve used it on a few of my stubborn discs with success… Just backup to HDD then burn a new one…
You might try using another drive to read/rip it,see if that helps…


it doesnnt contain a VIDEO_TS FOLDER, its just a standard data dvd discs where i burned .avi files directly unto dvd for storage.

Ive used VLC Player, MPClassic, KMPlayer but with no success.

il try DVDDecrypter this time :slight_smile:


DVD Decrypter will not work on your avi files…

When viewing via explorer,what format are they in?


theyre in .avi, most of my files there are DVDrips. Anyways i solved the problem, CDRoller seemed to work, it took a while like an hour on a 200 mb .avi file but it was able to extract it without loss in quality :slight_smile:


It is possible to recover photos or videos from Samsung Galaxy if you take care. Don’t create anything to your phone as soon as the loss, otherwise you risk losing them permanently. Lost data is not really gone immediately after deleting or formatting, however, it’ll removed permanently when there are new data overwritting it.


There used to be this program called “BadCopy” I used it with great success, many times, to recover data from unreadable CDs and DVDs. I don’t know if it’s still available.




Data CD and DVD discs contain one or more File Systems. The File System describes where and how on the media the files and folders are located. In most cases the different File Systems point to the same files and the reason for the different File Systems exists to support as many different Operating Systems as possible. In some cases however, File Systems DO differ and one File System may for instance contain a driver to be able to read the other File System.


On a windows 7 computer I’ve found that all “avi” files are not created equally.

I’m not entirely sure how this works or how to properly phrase it as I’m relatively new to playing with video files, but the way I think of it is that the avi file extension is an extension of convenience.

There are avi files that will play and other’s that will not

I tend to convert everything to mp4 because mp4 files can be tagged.

The AVI files created by the “generic” setting in DVDfab are not playable
with media center on my Win7 computer, but will play from the ROOT directory of a drive connected (USB)to my TV (my TV will directly play MKV files, my computer will not)

So I’ve gotta ask, what type of AVI files?

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^What video codecs are you using in these avi files? H264 often times does not work well in avi containers, due to problems with b frames and variable framerate encoding. Its not so much an issue with the avi container as it is with VFW in Windows. There are ways around this using Vdub with the correct setup, but DVDFab may not do this well.

If you look at common xvid files in avi, you’ll notice that they normally use packed bitstream and constant framerate to compensate for the avi container when played in Windows operating system.

H264 or xvid should be fine in mkv files played on your computer however. Are you trying to play them with Media Center?

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