DVD data recovery help needed

I am trying to recover a DVD which has corrupt data on it so far I have used DVD X Rescue and ISO buster and neither of these programs can recover the damaged data on the DVD. ISO buster cannot read the corrupt files and DVD X Rescue takes too long to read these files it took 8 hours for DVD X Rescue to scan 20% of the damaged DVD so does anyone know of a program that can sucessfully make a backup of a DVD that has damaged data? :frowning:

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About software I can’t help you, but I’d suggest you try reading the DVD with different DVD players and burners, some are better than others at correcting errors… do’nt you have friends with different models than yours? What’s your drive actually?

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I have used IsoBuster to successfully copy a game CD that my kids scratched so badly that the original would not play at all.

Also, there are several methods within IsoBuster to recover data, you may have to vary your approach. I had to reread the manual a couple of times to figure it out. Haven’t had to use it on a DVD…yet.