DVD Data Disk Verification Fails

I have been using Nero 6.3 that came with my memorex DVD DL Internal DVD. I’m trying to burn a Data DVD with a 2.4 GB file, and another DVD with a 4GB file. Every time the burn completes, nero fails on the verification of the data. Considering that it’s a backup of my old system, I don’t want to delete the files unless I’m sure the DVD is written correctly. Does anyone know, does Nero have a problem doing a data verification on a disk Written in UDF due to the large file size?

Thank you

Jim White

I have had similar problems - the solution in my case was that I didn’t have DMA enabled on either my burner (Sony 710) or hard disk!!!

Since enabling DMA for the drive and the hard disks, I have not made a single coaster - and I use Nero extensively for making UDF disks containing LARGE files.

Hope this helps
Cheers Pete :slight_smile:

Also, read the (sticky) warning posts re. INCD at the top of the post lists.

For the marginal benefit that you gain using UDF disks, the risks seem too high. I invested in Norton Ghost for doing backups, and have restored from it several times with 100% success.

Ghost has the facility to split backup files to a maximum size (say 1 GB - max 2GB). I prefer to set to 1 GB and doing a full C drive backup get 6 files of 1 GB each (last is smaller).

I then copy no more than 3 to a DVD using iso standard ISO format using Nero (not INCD UDF format). The reason I only burn 3 to a DVD is that simply I have found DVD verification failures often occur in the last (outermost) section of DVDs. Thus burning 4 GB is sometimes hit an miss. 3 GB always seems to work.

Obviously this depends on media quality. 3 GB seems to work on virtually all disks though. As media is so cheap these days, this is no big deal.

There is no reason to let the space go to waste. With quality media you can burn 4GB with excellent results. Not to mention that quality media will last longer.