DVD Data disk cannot be read?



Hi all

I have a LG 4163 DVD-writer and a DVD Rom drive on my computer.
I just copied my first DVD data disk and i finalised the disk. It did copy succesfully.

Now the DVD data disk cannot be read by my DVD-rom. But the disk can be read on my DVD-writer. Hows is this possible ?

And how can i make my DVD-rom to read the DVD data disk ???

Please help



@ gavi101
What type/brand/MID/format is the disc? What brand/model/firmware is your dvd-rom?


The disk is a DVD-R and is a data disk made by Nero 6. The disk format is a ISO9660,joliet.

I dont know what DVD-rom i have??? All i know is that in “Device Manager” it reads as “DVD-ROM Drive” and the firmware is “TA16” and “Buffer size:512KB”

Hope that helps



@ gavi101
Unless you saved and can post your previous burn log, try another data disc burn using Nero and save the burn log. Remove your serial number from the top, and post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window.


I have the same problem…I believe that the problem is on driver