DVD Data disc assistance needed

I have waded through just about every stinkin cd/dvd backup guide that google threw at me and probably some that it didn’t. I have recently purchased Command & Conquer: The First Decade dvd game disc. I want to back up the original disc and store it rather than abUSE it. :bigsmile: … lol I have attempted 2 unsucessful burns i.e. yuri’s revenge, generals and zero hour x-pac. the game launcher will not recognize yuri’s, generals and zero:hour, however the other games play back just fine… i’m running nero 7.0 demo till i can save up for the retail (in about 2wks) i have nero 6 oem that came w/ a previous lite-on DVD DL recorder. ripit4me doesn’t recognize the data/.mix format and looks specificly for the vob/vts/iso etc. files that the game wont show… so i can’t get the PSL files for other programs… dvd decrypter dvdshrink etc… :a … HEEEELP! lol

the first attempt was a direct copy with nero 7 demo (which boasts it is fully functional) and the second attempt was with Daemontools mount and mask feature enabled for safedisc 2.x 4.x etc… :a

Any ideas are better than the current brainfreeze/mindlock that i have going :doh:

i have also found the media code sold under Imation, this is the manufacturer:


also, software i have on-hand:

nero 7 demo
nero 6 oem
dvd decryper
dvd identifier
daemon tools
smart ripper 2.41

please, any suggestions, ideas, even vagueries would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Rotek DL media is very poor and has problems with most drives ranging from very poor quality burns to totaly trashed data.

Suggest you get a Verbatim 2.4x DL disc (mkm-001 media code) and see how that works, it seems to be the disc of choice currently for DL burns with the least problems.

ok, so ritek is out, that’s always good to know. the odd thing is, i can run the other games/x-paks with no problems, for some odd reason i can’t get past safedisc 4.6 on yuri’s revenge, generals, and zero:hour xpak. and that’s on the failed copies of the game disc.

A look in the CD & DVD Copy Protection Forum might help you a bit. :slight_smile:

Remember, you can only shrink video content, not game content.

You could easily make an iso image using DVDDecrypter or others and then burn it onto Verbatim DL using Imgburn v2. Maybe worth a try?!

You can’t do a copy of a safedisc protected DVD.

You can make an Image with Alcohol and mount the image and play.

interesting… it’s amazing how a small group of people with lots of money can just trample on the majority of the world under “piracy laws” and infringe upon my rights to back up what i have rightfully purchased and not even offer a solution to back up something from a different format (dvd vs. cd) imbeded in acrylic and get away with a pat on the back and an “ata boy” … how weak… that’s ok though, their day is coming :slight_smile: thx for the info all… someone in the future will eventually figure out a way to defeat safedisc, untill then, i will just have to live with it :frowning:

It can be done I have done it and you seem to have done it. BUT to run those programs you need to change your launch program, Have a look in GameCopyWorld.

Why don’t you just tell us here how to do it? :confused:

Because shrink3677 are referring to a crack.

Aha! I see - thanks… :o

In that case, we don’t want to know :D.

Instructions edited out - imkidd57.

My second post said we didn’t want to hear about it :cop:.

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