Dvd creator programs and burning



do some dvd creator programs burn discs better than others i have been using dvd flick but over half the discs skip after 45 minutes into movie its not the dvd player rented dvds work fine i just tried super dvd creator it worked fine, do the dvd creator programs have weaker burning programs than others?


No. DVDFlick uses ImgBurn to do the actual burn to a disk, and it is one of the best, if not THE best burning program available today.

Your problems probably lie elsewhere, and the chief culprit is usually poor quality blank dvds.

Poor encoding can cause pixellation, or excessive blockiness in the video, but rarely causes skips. Skipping is almost always due to poor media, burning too fast or poor support for a particular type of media in the firmware of your drive.

Tell us the type of disks you are using, the drive you have now and the burning speed you are using.

You may just have gotten lucky with this different program…you seem to have only intermittent issues with the ones coming out of Flick after all.