DVD created with EZ-DUB not playing

Hello everybody…sure am glad you’ve got the newbie page…I hate being the dummy who’s jumped into the middle of higher level geeks.

So, here goes:

  1. Just bought LiteOn EZ-DUB SOHW 1673SU (yesterday)
  2. Just produced a DVD for our band’s music & pictures
  3. Plays great on my computer
  4. Nobody else computers can read it.

A few facts:

  1. Produced sound recording in Audacity
  2. Produced pictures in Photo Story 3
  3. Added sound recording to Photo Story production
  4. Saved the production as a wp3 file
  5. Also saved in .wmv
  6. Fired up EZ-DUB and produced a DVD

Before you guys flame me, let me say I haven’t searched the forums for an answer, yet…just got here. If I may, for direction purposes, ask a question?

  1. Could it be the brand of disc I’m using (wrong kind, perhaps) KHypermedia DVD-R for general 4.7GB 4X for data?
  2. Saving in the wrong format?

What we’re trying to do is produce a showcase DVD of the band for potential clients who want to see and hear what we are like.
All the best

did you finalize the dvd?

BTW Welcome to the forums…:slight_smile:

You know, I don’t recall finalizing it. Does that mean closing out the session?