DVD created by CloneDVD does not work

I have moved from the UK to the US, and I’m trying to view my UK DVD’s, but they do not work in the US DVD player. So I’m trying to find out what I must do to view them (whoever invented this rule should be shot). I have downloaded and installed the trial versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 from Slysoft. Everything seems to go well and my (DVD-R) DVD is burnt. However, it will not play in my DVD player (which says it will play DVD-R DVD’s), nor will it play with my InterVideo DVD player on my PC.

Any help greatly appreciated.

doesn’t sound like a region code issue to me - as the copied dvds should now be region-free. try a different brand of dvd. try an upgraded firmware on your burner too, if there is one

Are the movies PAL or NTSC as I would suspect that a US DVD Player/TV might have problems with PAL.

:iagree: i think this as well

Yes the UK DVD is PAL, and we have NTSC here. I guess I assumed that AnyDVD / CloneDVD would handle that. What other software do I need to convert the PAL signal to NTSC?

Software won’t do it for stand alone players, though PAL and NTSC should not be an issue on the PC, you need the hardware that can recognise and play both as for converting it is not a perfect process due to the difference in frame rates between them. I am not sure of the hardware in the US but I have a 5 year old DVD player and TV which are both dual format. Therefore they should be available in the US too.

I was hoping that I could use my PC to make a copy of my UK (PAL) DVD that would play in my regular US (NTSC) DVD player. I didn’t want to buy a new DVD player as I only have 3 or 4 UK DVDs I want to look at. Maybe I just have to buy them again, which is rather irritating.

@ ferrad,

I am trying to fully understand what the problem is that you are experiencing.

Perchance does the original commercially UK manufacture DVD title play in your computer using a software player similar to PowerDVD? The original commercially UK manufacture DVD title should play in your computer no mater if it is in the NTSC or PAL format.

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Hi :slight_smile:
I :iagree: with those who say your DVD-R should work in pc. Regarding stand alone player, many will have in the menu a selection of PAL or NTSC or Auto. If this is the case select auto.

Apparently dvdSanta will convert PAL to NTSC - must admit I have never used it but the FAQ on the site says :-

Does dvdSanta allow conversion of a PAL DVD to NTSC DVD?

Yes it does! I have done that many times. Just load your PAL dvd into dvdSanta and click “Create DVD”, make sure NTSC is checked.

Reply to bjkg:
I’m sure the UK DVD will play in my PC DVD player, however it will do that only if I choose to change its region to 2 (it is now region 1). I don’t want to do that as then my region 1 DVD’s will not play.

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Unfortunately my el cheapo DVD player is NTSC only…

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I will try dvdSanta.


@ ferrad,

If your original commercially UK manufacture DVD title plays in your computer using a software player but your backup copy will not play in your computer using a software player then there is something wrong with the backup copy you made. Most likely the problem is with the blank DVD Media you used.

If you activate the AnyDVD software program before you insert the original commercially UK manufacture DVD title into your computer DVD device then the commercially UK manufacture DVD title will play and there is no need to change the region code of your computer DVD device. Besides Removing DVD copy protection AnyDVD also removes Region Coding from a DVD. The AnyDVD software program will remove Region Coding and copy protection but will not convert a PAL format DVD to a NTSC format DVD.

As state above besides your PAL to NTSC conversion problem you also have another problem that is most likely related to the blank DVD media you are using when making your back up copy.

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