Dvd Create menu

Not sure whereabouts to post this one. Does anybody know a good program for creating dvd menus? Am using Nero 6, which is ok for straight forward menus, but I would like to be able to click on text (for instance) without it being surround by a visible box.
Cheers Pete

Hi I’m so new that I can’t even find the friggen post a message button so I’m replying to this message in hopes someone will see it. I just purchased Anydvd online, I got the key. My daughter had downloaded the trial which has expired on my desk top and now she’s gone back to school and I’m totally lost. I saved the key in a folder but I see no registration number and I see no place where I can apply the key to. Not to mention I can’t even figure out how to open the program all I keep getting is a box with two tabs E: and F: and one says “Drive E: is disabled!” and the other says :“No Disc is present in Drive F:!” and I have a disk in there. If I click on another anydvd icon I get another box with 7 tabs across the top (dvd, cd, drive, program, external, css keys, and about) I have no clue what the heck this box is. Pleaseeeeeeeeee help me get this thing set up or I’ll have to ask for a refund because I am so confused.

I have succesfuly done it with DVDstyler. See my signature. It is a freeware but you will have to learn how to use it…

I have been using Nero 6 Ultra ever since it was released and that was the first thing I suggested to Nero. It makes your DVD’s look much more professional with just text, so maybe that’s something they’ve included in Nero 7.

You may want to try Gui for dvdauthor

The most easy to use and stable software I found (and I use) to author DVDs and create menus is TMPEG (Tsunami) DVD Author, but it’s not free. Not expensive, though. :cool: