DVD Covers

Does anyone know of a software package that has templates to create and print proper DVD covers (for the boxes). Everything I have only does CD’s.


When you know the dimensions you can easily make things in Photoshop for example…

Yeah I know but I would prefer a dedicated program like cover pro that I use for CD covers. just load it and it sizes it automatically and prints back and front. something like that would be great. Thanks for advice tho’

You want a slave to go with that too, one that cuts and folds the covers for you? :wink:

Now you’re getting the idea:)

do you have a younger brother he can do you the job :wink: :wink:

No but I have a son who can do it but it needs to be idiot proof hence the reason for the dedicated software that resizes as you insert the cover:)

u guys have me worked out lol