Dvd covers

does any1 know were i can download red light distrct dvd covers from as cdcovers.org dont have them?
I ahve been googling for a site but just get pron sites up which i do not want on my pc but only want the covers :flower:

There are very few if any cover hosts that allow covers for adult material (I assume that is what you mean by red light district). I asked CDcovers about this and the webmaster got back to me fairly quickly. The reasons they don’t is that it could reduce their advertising revenue which is not an option and, I think, because the host doesn’t allow such material.

i agree with them not showingthis material but i wondering if there is a site just with thesetypes of covers :o

I don’t think there are, it would be too risky. Some bloke got sued and had to pay out about $40,000 just for having the image of a cover on his own site for one he had reviewed, and given good comments on, by the studio as he didn’t have their permission. Free advertising and still they sued him.


never mind I have daughter best if she does’nt c these sort of things anyways :cop: