Dvd covers



any1 know any decent cover sites? www.cdcovers.cc seems to have been shutdown! :a


i dont know any other cover sites but i must say your wrong about cdcovers they did not
shutdown their site works perfectly for me


Seems to be working fine for me. Often if I can’t be bothered to use my scanner I just go to http://www.coveruniverse.com/, it’s not a cover site in itself it’s just search engine that retrieves matches from various places such as cdcovers.cc


hmm???.. wonder why its not workin for me then? wouldnt come on my other pc either earlier…strange


tried again again today(16hrs later) still not working,anyone else having probs getting on the site? its www.cdcovers.cc


works for me
try www.coverkingdom.net too


still working just fine here,just a tought your isp may be blocking that site
use a proxy and it just might work,but keep in mind some isps have a build-in proxy which will prevent you from using port 80 proxies so better do an environment check first

environment checkers list:

proxy lists:

njoy :bigsmile:


http://www.cdcovers.cc/ is working.


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