Dvd covers the 8 box set



won’t sure where to put this …

am having slight trouble finding a program what does this kind of dvd cover ( this might not be allowered ) but if any 1 as any experience in this field as i have no CLUE . if any 1 else as any experience or no a program that does them can they please tell me i have tried google but no luck…

thank for ur time and effort in reading this…

any help would be great evan if its been done in a paint program llike the size of the spine and the front and back cover would be better than no program what does it ,

i have tryed a few programs like

JewelCase Maker
SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe 4
Acoustica CD Label Maker
Nero Cover Designer

again sorry if this is not allowered BUT i am at the end of my wits end trying to find something + am not very good with paint programs to size it up and i don’t evan have a scanner

and again thanks for takin time out in reading all this

Much appricated