DVD covers site w/o the spyware?

Can anybody suggest a website with DVD covers (for discs, not necessarily keep cases) that doesn’t have the spyware or spam??

CDcovers.cc is ok, but the spyware is unbearable.


spyware on cdcovers.cc? are you using firefox? any anti spyware software? ive never had a single problem with the site, i suggest dloading a prog called spyware blaster, its free pretty good if you ask me, just do a google search for it.

www.coveruniverse.com ?

There are some covers on cdcovers.cc that ask you to load a plug-in. I always leave these alone as there is useualy a similar one just above or below it (maybe from a diferent region, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem).
As to it if it’s spyware, I really don’t know. Remember you always have a back button!

Ditto :iagree:

The site is loaded with pop-ups, install-on-demand software and ActiveX prompts.
Fortunately, I disable ActiveX downloads as well as Active Scripting on my IE browser so the most I’ll ever see are warnings informing me that ActiveX is disable so the pages won’t be displayed properly, along with warnings that you must accept download of the malware ladened software the site prompts you to download in order to proceed. I just click the “X” to close these boxes and eventually the covers will load.

Those who use browsers that are not as targeted as IE and have learned from the default low security configurations in IE may not experience what he is referring to.

I aslo use Firefox and Opera, but a properly hardened configuration of IE is still a superior browser to either of these.

One of my favs for covers - http://www.slothradio.com/covers/index.php

Although it only has the fronts, (no discs) the images are excellent quality, and they have almost every ntsc region 1 dvd cover. As well as a huge cd section. Absolutely no spyware either.

The only bummer is the dvd covers are just the front not the spine and the back. But I photoshop these fronts a lot of times over lower rez full covers to improve the look of my covers.

These are two of the best sites.