DVD covers/labels

If I was to back up a movie on my computer, and then burnt it on to a blank DVD because the original broke. I then wanted to create the same disc cover as the original, it is the film 300 and I wanted to have the same print on the DVD as the original. Is there software on the internet that I can use to generate all the DVD covers, so I can download them and then print them on my DVD r?
Thank you

You could scan the label and/or covers on the original DVD with a scanner (or an All-in-one unit) and print with any number of label/cover printing programs such as e.g. Nero CoverDesigner.

You can download many popular labels and covers from sites such as cdcovers.cc and print with the same printing programs.


If you need a replacement I really recommend a website called [B]http://dvdcoverlinks.com[/B] they offer high quality dvd covers, for free.

By the way, they have the film 300 [B]here[/B]

When you have downloaded the cover you can easily print it with programs such as Nero (that’s what I personally use).