DVD cover program

I have some A4 8.25 X 11.7 Meritline Matte DVD Case Insert paper. It’s scored on all 4 sides so you just tear it and no need to cut it. I’ve been scanning the insert from a DVD store bought release and i cannot figure out how to center it on this size paper. I don’t have Nero. Is there any free or try before you buy program for me to be able to center the image on this size paper? I move it on my scanner but it’s a pia. I’m using a Lexmark 1100 series (yes it’s old) to scan and a Epson R320 to print. The software that came with the 2 is the only thing i have to work with. I do have Surething Deluxe 5 but i don’t see cover program in it. Should i just tear it before i print it? I’m wasting a lot of ink :stuck_out_tongue: TIA

Virtually any publishing program will allow you to re-size and move an image of the cover. Then it’s only a matter of making it the right size. It does require 14" (legal size) paper to get the exact size with most printers’ margins, so you might need to select legal size in the print dialog.

So in a publishing program, all of which offer measurements and grid lines, it’s just a matter of centering the image on the area that the Meritline inserts use .

lol yeah i know but it’s tweaking this image has got me bugged. I’ll just play around till i find the sweet spot i guess. Thank you CDan.

Ok i got it figured out now. Thank you for your reply CDan :slight_smile:

Never realized before you Americans got short changed with Letter for DVD covers :wink: . I use IrfanView and A4 of course :slight_smile: .

I’ve never been able to get those perferated (tear on the line) type covers to line up properly. Gave up long ago. They’re generally more expensive and fiddly to get right without over/under printing to the tear lines and the paper is often inferior and too absorbant which wastes ink and creates blurry results.

These days I use CoverXP and various brands of normal A4 photo/picture paper and don’t need to worry about alignment issues.

I first scan/aquire the image into Photoshop. Then touchup anything needed and crop any slight misalignment of the scanned picture. Resize image to 1500 x 1000 or as closely as possible to that figure. Save image in quality/file size that you’re comfortable with. I tend to save maximum quality as a jpeg.

Open CoverXP. In right ‘cover window’ select: cover templates > empty.

In left ‘cover window’ select: cover templates > dvd.keepcase.single.file.

Drag and drop the cover you want printed into the left window. Set up printer and paper settings from top file menu > printer setup and then click print icon.

When you’re done with that cover slick then select bottom file menu > reset. You’re then able to drag and drop another cover slick for printing.

I always use A4 paper. I generally stick with everyday picture paper 170gsm or thereabouts with a gloss but not overly glossy appearance.

The resultant print will come out constrained within the correct dimensions for a DVD cover slick despite possibly having small variations from the ideal 1500 x 1000, thus it doesn’t matter if the sheet doesn’t go perfectly through the feed of printer etc. Doesn’t get easier than that.

It’s possible that CoverXP has the needed tools (in Tools menu) to setup a template and align to those perforations if you care to fiddle. Though, I haven’t tried it so I’m not certain.

Thank you Already Taken.
About this paper i got. They threw it in on some DVD cases i bought. I don’t like the perforated paper either. I used to run a printing press and perforated paper has a lot of dust from the cutting blades used to perforate the paper although i’m not running 8000 an hour lol.

Thank you also Cressida.

I didn’t mention that I use plain (non-perforated) paper (everyday photo paper, like [B]Already Taken[/B]) and a paper cutter (massicot seems to be correct word).

IrfanView is an image viewer/editor, not a cover program, but it fills all my printing needs. You can specify the print size and center the image on the page or set top and side margins to match the perforations in the print dialog.

Ooh! I’ve always wanted to share this knowledge with people who might actually care. :bigsmile:

In regards to cutting the actual covers, if you’re a perfectionist like myself, you will find great relief in using an exacto knife (razor) and a metal-lined ruler. It REALLY beats using scissors and paper cutters alike!

I’ve designed some pretty intricate covers that require EXACT dimentions in order to look good… and nothing, in all my days, has ever come close to being as perfect when using a razor and a ruler. :iagree:

I use something similar to this but a cheaper version. I paid $12 usd for mine. I only cut one piece at a time but quicker than scissors. You might have to put a zipcode (usa)
to see the product.

Your idea seems like a good one also. Thanks for sharing.

Hey! I own one of these too. :smiley: Not as precise as a razor and ruler, but it definitely gets the job done for EVERYTHING else I need to do…

I paid about $30 USD for mine @ Office Depot. They had a higher priced one with a LASER guide on it for $70 though. :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

I also use the same type of cutter. The patent holders must be doing very well from all of us worldwide. :bigsmile:

I used to use a steel ruler and stanley knife (retractable razor blade type device) but you get the odd slip and breakage of blade, and cutting boards either wood or plastic become troublesome over time as the blade wants to follow previous cuts made into the board.

Whew, even you guys that think you got it figured out are doing it the hard way to me. I too struggled with this for months and now my struggles are over. At first, my scanner and me just could not get along so I relied solely on covers.cc for all my art work. I have now gotten past the scanner issues. Turned out I wasn’t using the preview feature so my images were all the wrong size. Now that I preview the scans need no adjustment at all, just scan the factory cover and save it. I use 300 dpi. As for the paper I too have tried the preforated junk mentioned before but I gotta say the four star photo paper “Advanced Photo Paper” offered at hp.com’s paper store absolutely cannot be beat…instant dry time and utterly fantastic looking…other papers I tried either did not work with my epson R220 or took hours to dry. I wait till It goes “buy one get one free” and then buy by the bulk. They even ship overnight for free…I’m still shocked…
To print I simply open up the photo and let windows XP do the work. I use the standard windows XP “Picture and fax viewer program” and print the photo of the cover. I set the settings to “photo” and “glossy photo paper” and print away using the “full page fax print” setting when asked. After printing I use a 12" or so paper cutter to cut all four sides because the print is in the middle of the page requiring a trim to all four sides. You then have a perfectly sized cover print. I too used the metal ruler and blade technique for months but invest in the cutter…get a good one… and you will not regret it for a moment. If you get your covers from covers.cc or covers.box.sk the printing method is the same, they will come out perfectly sized, no programs needed whatsoever. No dragging and pasting nothing…As mentioned before If you want to spruce it up a bit go ahead with photoshop, then print…no problems

I use the A4 8.25 X 11.7 Meritline Matte DVD Case Inserts same as you are using I set my images
at 775mm x 513mm and they fit perfectly. I use Meritline’s template in Photoshop and just line the
image up with the lines on the template. You can download the free template’s from Meritline for
Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Coreldraw or you can download EZ Label Xpress which works perfectly
with their inserts if you do not have Word, Photoshop, or Coreldraw. :slight_smile:

Try using UndercoverXP to print your dvd covers . It’s a breeze to use - and its free .
It will print regular size cases,slimline cases, 6 box cases , cd cases etc. Get it at
undercoverxp.tk . (google or mozilla)