Dvd cover pictures

I’ve been testing a new vista Pc & I’ve done the registry hack that let’s me view dvd backups s from hard drive within the media center interface.

But now I find that I really need a picture called folder.jpg inside each video_ts folder so that MCE displays DVD cover art, rather than just a text title.

with audio CDs this is not a problem, you can tell MCE to go find album art or you can use 3rd party software which does it faster & better. But I don’t have anything that will go search out DVd art.

It would be great if a future version of FAb could somehow grab this from an online source & include them in a full disc or customise copy, but meanwhile is there any utility that will fetch me a bunch of pictures of the correct diemsions and save them in the right places ? I read that MCE is fussy about the dimensions.

I think the manual process is something like - go to imdb.com or amazon.com - then save + rename the cover art - then hope it works! Or ( even worse) have to manually scan the boxes!

Scanning is what I do, but you can try www.cdcovers.cc

Copy and paste at movies.com is the easiest way.

thanks guys - seems it has to be done manually then, one movie at a time.

here’s a very good guide to the whole process which also recommends DVDfab as the tool to use: