DVD cover labels, does it damage the DVD?

Does putting a DVD cover on a DVD damage the DVD quality?

Many people have had problems with reading discs with labels on them, but removing the labels resolves the problem in most cases, so a direct answer to your question would be NO in most cases. Of course people don’t put labels on their discs with intentions of needing to remove them later just to read the discs, so I would suggest you avoid using labels on DVDs.

If you’d like to have labels on your media, i’d invest in a new printer and some printable discs, you’ll be there on the safer side.

I used to put labels on my DVD’s and had mixed success.
Since they were copies for the kids to destroy I still had the original to reburn.
QS scores did decrease when label was applied. However a big determining factor was the quality of the label. Good, high gloss labels impacted the QS score much less than cheap labels.

Since then I invested in an Epson R300 (purchased for $69.99 at Fry’s), and started buying printable DVD’s and CD’s.

This last week you could buy 50 pack of printablej Verbs at Microcenter fro $17.99. I feel this is a better option than the Label.

Rima sells printable TY’s +R’s are about $0.52 each whereas -R’s are $0.38 each.

Ok then, I’ll consider buying an Epson R300. Any other recommendations?

EDIT: I couldn’t find the Epson R300 for less than $150 anywhere…

Also, I’ve been using Printable covers and have been writing the title of the disc with a permanent marker on them.

Can they not be printed on now? Or will it print over the marker?

There is also the Epson R200

You can still print onto the discs, but the marker will still be visable

As they are moving onto R220/320 the old 200/300 should be available cheaper soon. To be hoonest a R300 is not realy needed they only difference I can see between them is the 200 does not have all the doohickies (card slots or screen) and as you will be printing from PC thet are as I said not needed. The quality is the same. $150 isn’t bad as it works out the same price as we pay here £88.

As Chan said the marker will still be visable.