DVD Cover Art website shut down by the movie industry

I just posted the article DVD Cover Art website shut down by the movie industry.

TripleH reports us that the DVD Cover site www.dvdcoverart.com has been shut down
because of legal issues. TripleH reports "The movie industry is at it again, this time they are going…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8530-DVD-Cover-Art-website-shut-down-by-the-movie-industry.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8530-DVD-Cover-Art-website-shut-down-by-the-movie-industry.html)

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Doesn’t bode well for other cover sites… Not that any of us require Cover sites of course because we’re only backing up DVDs we own. So we can scan and print covers from our originals. As it goes I’ve never heard of DVDCoverARt.com
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I don’t think it was a copyright Issue. I think the movie studios were embarrassed by the creative people on that site. They made the studios own covers look p…s poor :wink:

Gristy, Have any tips? I am doing just that but am having some difficulty getting things lined up when importing the images into Sure Thing.

This isn’t quite the right place, but I reckon you’ll probably find your answer in calibrating the Printer WITHIN Surething. Personally I never worry about it since I’ve found the repeatability, i.e. positioning of my printer output is very consistent, therefore I simply adjust the image position on screen in Surething. Just ensure there’s a little bit of overlap and you’re laughing.

Well hell yes, some covers are p. poor. I seem to remember a one off site that displayed some stunning covers for the “Lord Of The Rings” films. Personally I Jewel Case all my backups and therefore have to custom cover every single one since generally speaking the VCD covers available on most of the cover sites are at best poor!

Taking this news with a grain of salt. I never even heard of this site. As for the others, they seem to be located beyond the borders of the corporate whores.

This new item isn’t really true. The site has always complied with any and all requests from studios. Rather, it seems that a mentally ill person became angry that his forum messages about trucking and age discrimination kept getting locked for being off topic, so in retaliation he called the MPAA. Since the site has always been on good terms with everyone, the site should be back. It is true that both Lucasfilm and Buena Vista, and some magna studios, aren’t on the site; this is because they respect the studio’s wishes (unlike all the other cover sites on the net).

Gristy, I am surpirised ou haven’t heard of the site… It is one of the more popular ones… And the reasoning for having a cover site isn’t for illegal purposes, but as has been mentioned… Most default covers really… suck… Tahts why I always get my covers from there… Much better then the original… In regards to willb3d, yea, At the time I posted this I didn’t realize there was a member responsible for this… My apologies for the… Uncorrect news posting… lol:g

I didn’t call no MPAA, I was as surprised as all were, I had a nervous breakdown in 1986 from my career ending TT driving accident. I wouldn’t think that was grounds for calling me a mental imcompetant. Trouble is the administrator Matt DeVillier has not told anyone the truth, and all are in the dark as to what is going on including me.