DVD Corruption Repair

hello, this is my first post,
I am trying to copy a DVD that has a small scratch, and has corrupted about 5 seconds of a ‘Black Adder’ movie.
I have tried ‘DVD X Rescue’ but it removes minutes of the movie.
Is there any way to repair this corruption (pixelation and audio drop out).
I currently use the following software.

  1. Nero 6.
  2. CloneDVD2.
  3. DVD shrink.
  4. DVD Decrypter.
  5. CopyToDVD.
  6. DVD2One.
  7. Alcohol.
  8. DVDcloner.
  9. DVD X Copy Platinum.
  10. UltraISO

Thankyou for any help

I have used a DVD repair machine in the past for unreadable disc’s.Worked well, had to put one through 10 times but it read it in the end.

Thankyou for the reply,
the disc has been polished at my local repair shop, I need to go that final yard, is there a software solution available that can fix minor corruption?


I tried quite a few CD/DVD rescue softwares and non would work on one damaged disc.
I did manage to copy another, ripping with DVD decrypter and hitting re-try every time it failed. Worth a go if you haven’t already.
But I think you may need to get your hands on another copy.

I think you’re right, I have tried the DVD decrypter without success.

Thankyou all for your input, if I find a method I’ll report back


Seeing as how you own the dvd I see no reason why you shoul’nt rent it from your local store and backit up

Yes I have done so.
I am still intrigued with repairing/reconstructing. I am currently editing out the problematic seconds using a ‘VOB splitter and joiner’, the ‘IFO’ editing is next.
I just like fiddling!


Have you tried isobuster it can recover data from damaged discs.

Thanks for the link. I’ll download now.