DVD copys are still Region 1. Why?

I used DVD decrypter to rip ‘The Hunted’ to my hard drive. According to DVD decrypter the disc is region 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8, but when I try and play the copied disc my player says “The player is incompatible with the region markings on this disc.”

Is there a way that I can somehow get around this problem?


the disc itself is region-free, but ironically, ur dvd player is incapable of playing region-free discs. i believe dvd decrypter has a few options in its settings to not remove the region protection when ripping the dvd.

I would use dvd shrink it is freeware and then just use nero …I had problems with higher version and in dvd shrink it has what regions you can make it or region free versions

I have never had a problem with it and i have backup 100 movies …neices gotta love them