DVD Copying



Hello, I have Clone DVD, I can’t copy dvd on-the-fly. It writes an image on hard disc, and then on DVD-R. Sometime I don’t have time to wait for that, can you tell me how to copy it on-the-fly?

Cheerz, Nikola.


You have a different Clonedvd. Olli when Clonedvd2 hits version 3.xxx it’s really going to be hard to tell the difference in the 2 softwares by looking at the versions.


Yeah, and as soon as there is elby CloneDVD 3 these guys will call their stuff CloneDVD 4, just to have a higher version and attract people :a
Should I skip CloneDVD 3 and call it CloneDVD 8 right away? :stuck_out_tongue:


Or Clone DVD 05/06. Or even Clone DVD XP



The people who find the other Clonedvd, I wonder how they find this site and ask question’s.

Some I really feel bad for, because they sound like they bought the software.

@ Ollie

I notice they are charging about $100 us. I know that is just to high for that product or is your CloneDVD2 just to low? :wink: :wink:


I’d call it Olli’s CloneDVD, like for some biscuits. Isn’t it nice sounding? :bigsmile:



I want to download VOBblanker and DVDencrypter and start experimenting copying my DVD’s. I’ve found DVDencrypter but it was named something else and downloaded as a flag icon…not sure what to do with it. renamed it as an exe file. any suggestions or hints how to experiment? :confused:


@ KurtLiquor

My only suggestion would be to find a forum that is dedicated to those programs, as this forum is dedicated to CloneDVD…


just call it Olli…then there will be no confusion at all!